Cannabis Entrepreneurs Count on J. Edgar Group for Prosperity and Compliance

As the cannabis industry begins to reach its potential, growers and sellers face a unique set of challenges requiring specialized knowledge and a good faith commitment to the legal cannabis community. That’s where we come in. J Edgar Group has a 20 year track record as New England’s go-to CFOs for hire, helping business owners maximize growth while ensuring compliance with laws and regulations.

We have been helping cannabis entrepreneurs prosper since 2016, and our customized cannabis industry toolkit covers every area of exposure and opportunity.

  • Optimal accounting policies. Accounting policies formulated by J Edgar will be the backbone for calculating your profits, and correctly assessing your tax liability.
  • Audit-proof financial records. Our procedures are shaped by strict adherence to IRC 280E and 471, the frameworks for compliance with IRS regulations and legitimate tax reductions.
  • Business processes that add value. A proper set of financials and an expertly maintained financial operation will not only reduce headaches and offer crucial business insights — they actually add value to the business. Lenders, investors, and buyers will pay more for a well-run operation.
  • Inventory capitalization models. For medical dispensaries and retail outlets, correctly allocating the costs of inventory and sales can mean the difference between success and bare survival. Our procedures are designed to accurately capture inventory values at any point in the growth process.
  • 360-degree support. Our cannabis industry professional network includes experienced attorneys, compliance officers, HR advisors, and IT specialists – expert resources covering every aspect of your business.