Services for Start-Ups

With start-ups, the questions never stop. “We’ve got a great idea for a business. Where do we start?” . . . “I didn’t realize there were so many kinds of company structure? Does it matter that much which we pick?” . . . “We’re not even making any money yet. How much accounting expertise do we need?” . . . “We got the loan, but we’re burning through it faster than we thought. Now what?”

Start-up time is a rush, but it’s also the time for careful planning. Making the right decisions and setting up the right structures now can save a world of trouble and money—maybe the company itself—later on. With J. Edgar Group, you have a partner who’s been through dozens of successful start-ups. We can help you set up the right kind of company with the right accounting structure, proper internal controls, and solid financing and cash management so that success falls into place rather than through the cracks.

Don’t let a great start-up idea be dragged down by the wrong loan conditions, tax status, or cash-flow management. Get in touch with us today.